Carrie Cook - Nestegg Productions

Carrie Cook is President of Nestegg – a marketing and media company that specializes in strategic development and content creation for clients as large as Fortune 500 companies and as small as Internet start-ups. Cook is often hired as a “creative sharpshooter” to brainstorm and implement innovative ideas for brands, networks, authors and production companies.

Recently, Cook revitalized a unit within ABC News (ABC All Media) and grew sales from 300K to over 30 MM by repurposing existing assets for third party distribution. She has also developed original programming for cable and created a limited prime time summer series for ABC Entertainment.

Nestegg has built a literary arm as it helps non-fiction authors build their own "brands" across multiple media platforms. In 2012, working with Sal Khan of the Khan Academy, Cook developed and sold his book, The One World Schoolhouse. She created a multi million dollar partnership between the Khan Academy and Bank of America to created financial literacy content as part of the bank’s global re-launch in April of 2013. She has been on retainer for Fortune 500 companies such as CVS, Norwegian Cruise Lines and AOL. Watch video here

Cook has created multiplatform campaigns merging the worlds of digital, television and publishing. She is the creator of The Story of My Life project – collaboration between ABC News and Simon and Schuster. Cook created and oversaw a national search for real life stories and produced and published the winner in 2005. The Story of My Life: The Other Side of the Sky made the NY Times Bestseller list and has sold over 80,000 copies. Watch video here

Carrie Cook was the Vice President of Branded Content at advertising agency, Hill, Holliday. In this capacity, she built integrated brand experiences for the agency’s clients including Fleet Bank, Dunkin’ Donuts and AOL. Creating “brand buzz” and generating media partnerships for Hill, Holliday clients were priorities for Cook and her team.

Cook brings to the clients she works with a strong network of contacts from her decades of experience as a senior producer at ABC News where she worked with Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer and Peter Jennings.

Cook is a founding board member of a national non-profit, Healthy Child, Healthy World. She currently serves on the media advisory board of Women@Paley and is part of the curation team of TEDxWomen. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island.